Research is the soul of science. For the furtherance of forestry research in Chhattisgarh State endowed with 44% forest, to establish a State level forestry research and training institute foundation stone had been laid in 21st March 2006 and in 17th March 2013 a huge institute building constructed in 9544 Sq mtr is inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, C.G. Govt. The institute is located at zero point Raipur in a lush green campus spread over a sprawling area of about 63 ha.


CM's Message
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Nature has blessed Chhattisgarh with far flung sylvan wilderness and breathtakingly amazing wildlife. SFRTI is our humble tribute to the Nature for the furtherance of forestry in the field of research.

Director's Message
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Research / Inquisitiveness is the mother of all inventions. As the forest are inseparably interwoven with Mother Nature so is the forestry research.


"The mission of the SFRTI is to promote Extensive Research, its application to the field and Training in forestry and related issues. In the context of sustainable development and on issues of economic and social development which also impinge on both natural and human environment and vice versa and to support conservation and management of forests and natural resources of the State and to work closely with all State, National, Regional and International institutions, Governmental & Non- Governmental as well as experts and groups engaged in such efforts."

The mission of SFRTI is to provide research support for the sustainable management of forests and environment with particular emphasis on conservation of biodiversity, mitigation of climate change, promotion of agro forestry livelihood security soil and water resources of the State.


The vision of SFRTI is to achieve excellence in forestry research and to use that competence to study and provide information for better management of forests and for updating our policies to suit the changing needs and global challenges.

The vision of SFRTI is based on the Principles of Recognition of Forest and environment degradation caused by factors like poverty, over population, over consumption and wasteful production threatening economic development and human survival. Integration of Forestry, environment and development as essential prerequisites to Sustainable Development, and importance of Co-operative action in the field of Forestry where many ecological and development problems transcend administrative boundaries and therefore a need for an integrated approach to Forestry Management. Thus, the Vision of SFRTI are:

  • To increase/maintain the area of forest cover and its density is Chhattisgarh by introducing the best management practices.
  • To increase the productivity of Forests.
  • To uplift economic condition of people by generating forest base activities.
  • To conserve endangered and threatened species and augment our gene pool
  • To orient our planning and documentation process to be capable enough to claim our due from the developed world in lieu of protecting our forests
  • To make our human resources a highly motivated, technically sound and rapid acting
  • To ensure lab to land transfer of technology in a short span of time for the benefit of forestry and the local population.

What's New

Infrastruture Development
  • Wetland Development in campus for local & migratory birds
  • Hostel:- Provided accomodation to Trainees/Delegation of State/ National level training/Workshop/Symposium and Seminar, 50 beded hostel construction is being started.
  • Auditorium
  • Internal road &
New Research Projects
  1. a) Evaluation of Hill Myna population in Kanger Valley National Park with respect to its conservation.
  2. b) To find out the cause and its possible rfemedial measures of poor fruiting in Anola plantations of C.G.
  3. c) Demonstration of lac cultivation technology with traditional agricultural practisces of C.G. and to encourage its adopation by small/marginal farmer for their socio-economic upliftment.
  4. d) Evalutation of vermi-composting initiatives taken up by different forest divisions of CG and its current status in term of Prospects Problems & Remedy for its sustainable utlilization in Future.

Campus Facilities

The campus houses of various research and experimental plots, research nursery, seasonal garden, Bambusetum, soil testing laboratory along with administrative block, conference halls, lecture room, museum, herbarium, auditorium, library and documentation centers. The institute also has residential accommodation for its employees and trainees in the campus. The well furnished officer's rest house and guest house provides accommodation to the visiting dignitaries, officers, guests and trainees. Institute is energized by Solar Photovoltaic System (100 kw) in 2011 and its a remarkable as it is first in our State of its kind.

Organizational Setup

Director is the chief executive of the Institute, he is assisted by an additional director, Joint director, assistant director, research (technical) and non-technical staff.

  • Director (PCCF)
  • Addl. Director (CF)
  • Deputy Director (Dy. CF)
  • Assistant Director (ACF)
  • Scientists ( Biodiversity & Climate change, Biotechnology, Silviculture & Forest Mensuration, Forest Taxonomy, Soil, Seed, Forest Pathology & Entomology, Agroforestry & Livelihood Promotion, HRD.)
  • Librarian
  • Research Officer (Technical Assistants, Lab. Technician)
  • Research Assistant
  • Assistant Programmer
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Forest Ranger
  • Forest Guards
  • Ministerial Staff

Administrative Setup

Adhoc Research Advisory Committee

The Adhoc Research Advisory Committee of the institute examines and approves the project proposals of the institute, monitors and evaluates their progress and results. The committee comprises of the following members:

1 Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Chhattisgarh Chairman
2 Managing Director, C.G. M.F.P. Federation , Raipur Member
3 PCCF (Wildlife), C.G. Member
4 APCCF (Development/Plan), C.G. Member
5 APCCF (State CAMPA), C.G. Member
6 APCCF (Working Plan), C.G. Member
7 APCCF (H.R.D./I.T.), C.G. Member
8 CEO (State Medicinal Plant), C.G. Member
9 CCF (Research and Extension), C.G. Member
10 Director, State Forest Research & Training Institute, Raipur                                          Member Secretary