Branch & Objectives

  • To meet the people‚Äôs basic needs for fuel wood, fodder, timber and other forest products, and to contribute to food production through an effective interaction between forestry and farming practices.
  • To protect the land against degradation by soil erosion, floods, landslides, desertification and other effects of ecological imbalance.
  • To conserve the ecosystems and genetic resources.
  • To contribute to the growth of the local and national economies by developing forest management and forest- based industries and creating opportunities for income generation and employment.
1. Forest Pathology

Definition : Forest pathology is the research of both biotic and abiotic maladies affecting the health of a forest ecosystem, primarily fungal pathogens and their insect vectors. It is a subfield of forestry and plant pathology

2. Forest Entomology

Definition : Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology. In the past the term "insect" was more vague, and historically the definition of entomology included the study of terrestrial animals in other arthropod groups or other phyla, such as arachnids, myriapods, earthworms, land snails, and slugs. This wider meaning may still be encountered in informal use.


Division Incharge

Mr. R.K.Patley



Shri Avinash Hemrom


Project 1 : Inventorization of Sacred groves in Chhattisgarh

Status : On Going.

Objective :

  • Documentation of Sacred groves in Chhattisgarh
  • To provide basic data for CAMPA sponsored sacred grove conservation programme

Description / Findings :

  • Number of sacred groves identified & surveyed in the Chhattisgarh is 866.
  • Findings of Sacred groves is classified on the basis of socio-cultural, ecological dimensions have been done.

Research Team : R K Patle-(TA), Avinash Hemrom-(JRF)