Project 1 : Inventorization of Sacred groves in Chhattisgarh

Sacred groves are the one of the important part of our nature, ecosystem and its conservation. In our State, Chhattisgarh approximately, more than 600 no’ of Sacred groves are present but its scientific evidence is not available. Therefore, a work of database preparation of different sacred groves in different areas is under progress by SFRTI, Raipur.

This is a new way towards the conservation of Biocultural heritage and this project is funded by State CAMPA in the Year, 2013. At present, there are 643 no’ of sacred groves identified and documented by our Institute,SFRTI. Project In charge R.K.Patley (T.A.) and Project Assistant is Avinash Hemrom (Research Scholar).


Project 2 : Establishment of Germplasm Bank of Aegle marmelos (correa) Bael in Chhattisgarh

A Project For providing High quality based Planting material of Aegle marmelos,is funded by State CAMPA in the Year, 2013 for two years.

At present, marking of 21 plus tree of nearest divisions(Korba,Janjgir-Champa,Bilaspur & Raipur) was done by the Sfrti, Raipur. Along with this, nursery is made & planting material is collected from different sources for the establishment of Germplasm Bank & also an experimental plantation is under progress. Project In charge R.K.Patley (T.A.) and Project Assistant is Devendra Sharma (Research Scholar).


Project 3 : A Stuty on status of Migratory Birds in Chhattisgarh

In Chhattisgarh State, the seasons during which different migratory birds use to visit in our different areas of the state at different month or time for feeding, egg-laying, reproduction etc.

A project provided and funded by PCCF (Wildlife & Biodiversity) in the month of April year 2012 for documentation & Statistics data on migratory birds migration, habitat, habitat management etc. due to all these activity, it will surely increase ecotourism along with conservation of migratory birds of Chhattisgarh.

At present status 60-70 wetland sites have been visited and demarcated in different locations in CG. A total 143 species of birds, belonging to 48 families were recorded from the area during the period. Among them 11 migrants, 26 local migrants and are 106 resident birds. Project In charge R.K.Patley (T.A.) and Project Assistant is Anurag Vishwakarma (Research Scholar).


Project 4 : Ecological Studies of Wetland in Raipur & Naya Raipur (Urban Areas)

Under this the studies of ecological status, Presence of migratory & local migratory birds in existing wetland of Raipur & Naya Raipur (Urban Areas) are carried out by JRF Amit Kumar Baghel who has joined this Institute on 18th of July 2014, Before him this project was carried by Prerna Kale (JRF) who has resigned in the month of May.

This Project was sanctioned by RCNAEB-IIFM Bhopal & The Total Budget Sanction for This project is Rs. 4 Lakhs

Preliminary under this project Summer Seasion survey report of 174 wetland had been submitted to Director,State forest Research & Training Institute.


Project 5 : Socio-Economical & Ecalogical Impact Assesment Study of Village Relation at Achanakmar Tiger Reserve and Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

This Project was sanctioned by Principal Chief Concervator of Forest (Wild Life & Biodiversity).

Under this project The Socio-Economical & Ecalogical stdies of Six related villages of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve i.e. Kuba, Jalda, Sambhardhasan, Bahand, Makrakacchar & Bankal and three related village of Barnawapara wildlife sanctury i.e. Rampur, Latudadar & Nawapara was Proposed and Ecological Study of both old and new site of villages are being carried out.

Under this project JRF Ashutosh Kumar Pandeyis working since 5th March 2014 and the preliminary survey report of all related villages of Achanakmar tiger reserve is submitted to Directorof SFRTI.The study report of this project will be helpul for further in future relacation rehabilition. Related studies & management of these concerved & restricted areas.